Dealing with mold growth in your home can be an unpleasant experience. However, you can correct the problem by contacting a mold removal service. Once you contact the professionals, they will go through a number of steps to get rid of mold growth for good. The following are five things that must be done to get rid of mold for good. 

Use of antimicrobial substances to prevent further growth

The first step that mold removal specialists generally take is to prevent additional mold growth by applying an antimicrobial treatment to surfaces in the home. This substance will kill mold spores. An antimicrobial treatment is generally applied even to areas of the structure where no mold growth has been detected yet as a preventive measure. 

Discovery of the cause of the mold growth

Mold growth is generally caused by a combination of factors. However, the main concern is moisture. Mold growth usually results from water in a home that is from issues like plumbing damage or flooding due to weather events.

As part of removing mold from a home, it's important to identify the cause of the mold growth and the source of any moisture involved. Then, repairs need to be performed to prevent any additional moisture accumulation that would otherwise continue creating an ideal environment for mold growth. If the source of mold-causing moisture is unknown, high-tech methods like thermal imaging can be used to detect moisture throughout the structure. 

Assessment of any health risk

Certain types of mold cause more severe health threats than others. For example, black mold in particular is known for the severe health dangers it causes. The type of mold that is present needs to be identified, and necessary precautions—such as the evacuation of the property—need to be taken to keep household residents healthy if severe health threats are present. 

Prevention of contamination of other parts of the building

Once antimicrobial treatments are applied and the source of moisture is found and addressed, areas of the home where mold growth has been found are isolated to prevent mold spores from getting into other parts of the building. 

Removal of mold spores, excess moisture, and mold growth

Mold spores need to be removed from the air of the home using air filtration. Also, devices like dehumidifiers are used to dry out the building and remove unwanted moisture. 

Of course, the mold itself also needs to be removed. The intrusiveness and destructiveness of the mold removal process depend on how extensive the mold growth is. In severe cases of mold growth, a house may need to be completely gutted to get rid of all the mold.