If you are purchasing a used truck trailer, you need to ensure that you provide the proper maintenance in order to keep the truck trailer in good shape for you. Below are two of these maintenance tips to get you started.

Inspect the Tires

Because the tires are one of the most important things on a truck trailer, you need to keep an eye on them. This is especially true if you use your truck trailer a lot or if you often drive on rough terrain. First, determine what the proper tire pressure is for your truck trailer. You can find this information in the user's manual. If you do not have this because the truck trailer is used, contact the manufacturer to find out this information. You can purchase a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure on your own. 

If the tire pressure is low, then you need to add air to the tire. You also need to inspect the tire closely because it could have damage that is causing the tire to lose air. 

Check the treads on all the tires also. Worn-out treads can lead to tire blowouts, which can lead to serious injury or even death. If the tread looks worn down, it is time to purchase new tires for your truck trailer.

Check the Brakes

Another important maintenance tip is to check the brakes on your truck trailer often. One problem you may find during your inspection is corrosion to the brake components or the brake wiring, which is a common problem if the trailer has not been used in a few weeks or even months. 

The brakes may not be adjusted properly, or the brake shoes may be saturated with grease. If this happens, the brakes will slip while you are driving. Contact a mechanic that has experience working with truck trailers to do an inspection for you. This mechanic can also teach you how to check the brakes on your own to help you save money.  One thing you can do is to check the brake fluid often. If it gets low, add more fluid. If you find that there is constantly low brake fluid, you need to take the truck trailer to a mechanic to determine the reason why.

The truck trailer mechanic can give you more maintenance tips for your truck trailer and answer any questions you may have about the maintenance.

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