If you've recently invested in a new glass-top stove, take steps to protect your investment. Glass-top stoves are a welcome addition to any kitchen; however, they do require the right type of care. If you're new to glass-top stove care, here are some tips that will help you care for your new appliance. 

Choose the Right Cookware

Now that you have your new glass-top stove, take a close look at the type of cookware you use on a daily basis. If you're currently using cast iron or ceramic cookware, you'll need to make a change. The rough bottoms that are found on most cast iron and ceramic cookware can cause serious scratches to your glass-top stove. Unfortunately, once your glass top is scratched, the damage is nearly impossible to repair. For maximum protection, choose cookware that has a smooth surface on the bottoms. 

Use Proper Cleaning Methods

If you're used to reaching for the scouring powder to clean your dirty stove, it's time to switch up your cleaning methods. Abrasive cleansers and rough scouring pads can destroy the surface of your glass-top stove. To avoid the damage, you should always use soft cloths and liquid cleaning solutions on your glass-top stove. To make cleanup even easier, be sure to wipe spills away as soon as the cook top has cooled down. Waiting too long to wipe up the spills can leave you with a cooked-on mess. 

Avoid Excess Weight on Cook Top

If you've ever stacked things on top of your old stove, you won't want to do that with your new glass-top stove. Your glass-top stove is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your normal cookware. However, excess weight can cause tiny cracks to develop in the glass cook surface. Unfortunately, the heat produced during cooking can cause those cracks to explode, which can lead to serious injuries. To avoid that risk, never stack heavy objects on top of the cooking surface. 

Ensure Routine Maintenance and Repairs

Finally, now that you have your new glass top stove, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for routine maintenance. Following the maintenance schedule will extend the life of your glass-top stove. It will also help you maintain your warranty protection. It's also important that you take care of repairs as soon as they become necessary. 

Protect your new stove. Use the tips provided here to extend the life of your new glass-top stove, and talk to an appliance maintenance service if you run into problems with your stove.