The garage may only be the place that houses your car when it's not in use and maybe some tools and other belongings, but this is a very useful part of the house. Unfortunately, many garages are not built to be all that water resilient, especially in older homes. If your garage has sustained water damage, it is imperative that you go ahead and have the damage repaired by a professional. Even though the issue may not seem like such a big deal, it can actually mean major problems. Here is a look at some of the reasons water damage in the garage is a big deal.  

Water damage in the garage can lead to problems in the house. 

It may look like the water damage is contained to only the garage, but it is not uncommon from problems here to make their way into the rest of the house. For example, if there is saturated lumber in the garage, mold can start to grow. The mold can make its way into other parts of the house, and before you know it, you can have an all-out mold issue throughout the entire dwelling. It is much better to go ahead and tend to issues when they become apparent than to risk developing issues elsewhere in the rest of your home. 

Water damage in the garage can lower the value of your home. 

Even the slightest signs of water damage anywhere in or around a home can drastically reduce its overall value in the eyes of a buyer. If you ever think you may sell your home, having water damage repaired is an important thing to do. Something as simple as discoloration on the walls can turn a buyer off and make them think you have not been attentive to necessary problems. 

Water damage in the garage can lead to major damages to the garage implements. 

The concrete floor, the walls, the framing, the wooden implements—all of these aspects in the garage can have damage due to excess water exposure. Even if an issue does not look like it is all that big of a deal, it actually can be. For example, if you notice some damage to the lower sides of the walls, it can mean that even the framing behind those walls is damaged. It is best to go ahead and fix the problems and then take measures to waterproof the area.