Medical gas is the broader name given to many gaseous substances that are used in healthcare. Oxygen, inhalable anesthetics, and nitrous oxide are all different varieties of medical gas. Some types of medical gas are highly flammable, so any leaks in a medical gas line can be disastrous. A med gas company can keep your system in good condition or repair it if problems arise. Here are four things a med gas service can do for you:

1. Conduct inspections

Med gas systems need to be inspected periodically in order to ensure their safety. A med gas service can send a professional inspector who knows exactly what to look for. They will look for components that are wearing out which may need repair work or even replacement. Inspections may be required by state law depending on where your medical facility is located. Even if med gas inspections aren't mandated where you operate, annual inspections can help you fix problems before they become costly or dangerous.

2. Identify and fix gas leaks

Gas leaks are always dangerous, but medical gas leaks can be catastrophic. Oxygen is highly flammable. In a room with a leaking oxygen line, a small spark can cause a large explosion. If your med gas inspector identifies a gas leak, they can fix it promptly. Fast repair work can keep your staff, patient, and facility safe from harm.

3. Work on operational med gas systems

Some med gas systems cannot be safely shut down for repairs because patients rely on them. Med gas repair workers are familiar with the needs of medical facilities. They can come up with a plan that will allow them to make the necessary repairs to your system without a full shut down. This will allow your patients to continue to access the medical gas they need for their treatment.

4. Perform repairs on medical support gas systems

Medical support gas systems are slightly different than standard med gas systems. Support gas systems are usually full of compressed gases that are used to power medical supplies. A med gas service knows that these systems are just as vital for the operation of a medical facility. Your med gas expert can perform diagnostic work and repairs on these systems as well. You may want to schedule an inspection of your support gas system at the same time as your annual medical gas system in order to save time.