It's one thing to have water damage restoration done on your home, it's another entirely to have the same thing done on your recreational vehicle. If your RV got damaged in a major storm or burst a leak in its shower or plumbing areas, you have a large mess on your hands. Is water restoration damage worth it on your recreational vehicle, or should you just consider the RV totaled?

Here is a guide to help you decide just what you should do with your recreational vehicle. You might be surprised to find out that the RV can be worth investing in when it comes to water damage restoration, depending on the following factors.

Is your recreational vehicle covered by insurance?

The first thing you should check is your RV's insurance policy. If you have comprehensive coverage on your recreational vehicle, you just may be able to have the water damage covered as part of the policy. Speak to your auto insurance agent to see if your RV has the right coverage to get your water damage restoration costs covered. You'll also be able to get a list of water restoration specialists who can give you a quote for repairs.

Is your recreational vehicle worth more than the amount of damage caused?

How much is your RV worth? If you get a quote from your water damage restoration company and it doesn't exceed the current value of your recreational vehicle, it can be well worth it to have the RV restored. Much of the cost of restoration goes into labor, so if you can tear out yucky carpet or air out the recreational vehicle yourself, you may be able to save some money on the restoration process.

However, keep in mind that many RV water restoration costs can be low, and much of the money spent is on replacing appliances and other things. The roof and the floors of your RV might be the most expensive to restore but are worth the investment.

If you cannot buy the same RV for the same price as you can have water damage restoration done on the recreational vehicle, then you should have the water restoration work done. Your water damage restoration specialist will air out all the moisture in your recreational vehicle and will help restore carpeting and more to make the unit sound again. Without water restoration, your RV can suffer even more damage due to moisture and mildew, so have the unit inspected and aired out right away.